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Asking for feedback as a Leader

As a leader people are hesitant to share things with you for different reasons. I have shared in several of groups and in some of my previous videos how is it's kind of lonely at the top. You don't get invited to all the fun things that's happening at the office; you get removed from the group chat where they're talking about each other talking, about things and you become the subject sometimes, right?

Even though you may feel isolated, you can't lose sight of getting and receiving honest feedback. that "Hey you didn't handle this great" or " Hey, I care about you so much. What do you think about doing it this way in the future." If you're having a weekly or that bi-weekly 1:1 (where it's just you and that one person) you've created this environment for information, dialogue and conversation to go back and forth one on one.

I promise if you can be authentic and let them share with you and you receive it positively, that 1:1 feedback it'll make you a better leader. It'll strengthen those connections and ties. Your Team member will know you hear them and you're listening to what to have they say. And most importantly you're taking the feedback and using it to better yourself as a leader, just like you're asking them to do for your company too.


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