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Spreading Encouragement Among Your Crew

Encouragement isn't just a big deal for us leaders—it's kinda our thing, right? Whether we're running the show, heading up a branch, or leading a team, it's all about keeping the vibe positive. And it's not just about hyping up our agents. We gotta show some love to the folks behind the scenes, too.

You know, those unsung heroes who keep things ticking along smoothly. They need to know they're valued, that what they do matters to the whole operation, including us and the agents they support.

So, for me, encouragement isn't just done during those scheduled check-ins. It's about those little surprise messages—like a quick text saying, "Hey, I see you, and I appreciate what you've been up to this week." It might seem small, but it can mean a lot.

And let's not forget the power of a handwritten note. Seriously, a few words on paper can really make someone's day. It's all about showing our support team that we're grateful for their hard work and that they're a crucial part of the crew.

We're pretty good at boosting our agents' morale, but we've gotta spread that love to our office team, too. They deserve it just as much, right? So, let's keep the encouragement flowing for everyone who helps make our team and our company shine.


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