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But what do I say? What do I do?

How do you structure a check-in with your team member?

What does a good cadence look like for checking in?

Reminder: I'm not talking about agents. You've got tons of opportunities and ways to learn and develop on how to manage, recruit and to develop your agents. I'm talking about your brokerage staff, your team, the employees that work for your brokerage or work for your team. What does a good cadence look like for checking in?

I love doing them weekly or every two weeks with our team. I follow the same structure every time and I recommend that you do the same because everybody likes consistency. We choose the same day of the week and same time. It's like a standing reservation to meet with the team and check in on how they're doing for their their KPIs, listen to any obstacles that they've run into, hear just what's going on with their personal life. What's happening with their kids, their spouse, their dogs. They are more than just a manager. Getting to hear what you have to say and you getting to hear what's going on in their lives is so, so super important. I also check in and get some feedback about some obstacles they've run into and I usually have some homework in there. (they hate that part!)

If you are not doing this, I highly encourage it's something that you start doing in 2024.

Check in with your team on a regular basis!


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