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Don't Sleep on Your Team

Brokers, leaders, branch managers we are already into 2024! You've been meeting with your Agents helping them plan for the rest of the year. Doing their agent reviews, their business planning. But don't sleep on your team!

You've got some great people that help your agents accomplish their goals. You've got some great team members that help you accomplish your goals. You've got a marketing department, accounting department, business development department - lots of different people involved in your brokerage that help support your agents. Don't sleep on them!

This is a great time to meet with those that support the Company and your Agents to have a one on one conversation or an annual review. What are their plans are for this year? What are their plans for next year? How can you support them reach their goals?

If they're happy, they're fulfilled, they know the direction that the company's going in your agents will feel the love, too!

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