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How's the vibe around here?

So, whether you've been binge-watching these videos or this is your first dive into the content, you might be wondering, "Hey Anna-Marie, how do I really get what my team's about? How do I know their vibe?" And just to clarify, when I say 'team,' I'm not just talking about agents; I mean your awesome crew, the folks who keep the wheels turning under your brokerage or team.

You might be thinking, "Am I missing something here? Are my people getting the love they deserve?" Well, fear not, because there's a simple way to find out: send out a survey. I've got a sample survey that's worked wonders for us in the past.

We asked questions like, "How's the vibe around here?" And you know what we found out? Our team values professional development big time. They were totally upfront about it, saying, "Hey, you're giving agents all this cool stuff. What about us?" So, in 2024, we doubled down on supporting the whole team.

I'm here to lend a hand to you and your brokerage. I can help you amp up the professional development for your crew, so they can take charge of their own growth, which, in turn, helps them lead others like pros. Trust me, when you invest in your team, your brokerage will see some serious results.


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