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Numbers 🤢, the most black and white part of our business.

I am weird. Like, right brain/left brain weird. I find joy in numbers and analytics because they tell a story. That story I get to share with my humans and then love on them with the story that is created. I see the importance and I love the truth that is found in numbers and statistics. I'm not scared to talk about the numbers. I think a lot of agents, brokers, and leaders start questioning themselves whenever they have to talk about numbers. Numbers, to me, is the most black and white part of our job. There's no way you "feel" about 2+ 2 =4. It's just 2+ 2 is 4.

As a leader in your company knowing your numbers is the key to you running a successful office. One of my mentors, Jeff Riber, focused heavily on "knowing your numbers." His sessions at IBC (now Fuel) were always packed out with others in brokerage leadership to share best practices and ensure fellow leaders felt comfortable researching, drawing analysis, and sharing their office numbers.

I was incredibly fortunate to be able to attend and then help Jeff with those sessions. If you are looking for guidance or don't know what office numbers are important to your goal, I would love to help!


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