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Superpower-> Activated!⚡️

It's go time!

Your leadership skills have been put to the test before. We survived TRID, very similar changes to the lending world, you are still here. You survived the FED sharply raising interest rates in 2023, you are still here. We had a global pandemic, you are STILL HERE.

It's your time to shine as a leader. It's time to focus ( and then focus your brokerage) and it's time to flex your super power by managing your emotions.


  • List out 3-4 things to do this week:

    • Review your listing agreement

    • Review your Buyers Agency Agreement. If you don't have one, reach out to your attorney and/or state regulators.

  • Create your communication plan and your training plan.

    • Be available and visible

    • Get close to your agents, call your producing agents and have conversation about whats going on.

  • Mute the noise. Your inbox and social media can be scary and negative and mostly a distraction from getting things done.

Managing your emotions:

  • Get good sleep

  • Exercise, walk, move your body

  • Write it out

The goal hasn't changed, your plan hasn't changed. More than likely, the action items listed on your business plan or strategic plan won't change.

You've got this!


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